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    End-of-life looks like this to a lot of people.

    But it doesn't have to.

  • Our Story

    A proven and compassionate social entreprenuer

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    Birdie Cunningham, MA


    Twenty years of experience in public health developing and implementing programs, interventions and outreach for health, wellness and behavior change. Throughout my career I've also learned the art of compassion through advanced study in traditional and non-traditional spiritual settings as it applies to a wide spectrum of individuals. As I'm a life-long learner, and I've come to a place where I feel most called in helping people continue being the best versions of themselves, even through death. I received my End of Doula training through INELDA the International End of Life Doula Association and I volunteer at Allina Hospice. I'm a believer that everyone deserves a beautiful death, and driven to assist others in finding the beauty and love through the pain, unknown, and stillness that death and grief can bring. To share in these experiences and provide expertise is an honor and gift. To that end, I founded End of Life Consulting to bring my skills into three focus areas.


  • Our Focus

    We exclusively focus in three growing areas in the seven counties of the Twin Cities

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    Age-in-Place Individuals and Organizations

    Assisting individuals at end stages of life and working with organizations to provide education and new solutions.

    Assisting individual's and organizations. End-of-life is not just an event, rather it's a roadmap of choices often not considered by caregivers overwhelmed with trying to manage symptoms and key business indicators. We can help by providing End of Life Doula for individuals and their caregivers, tailor training programs for staff within organizations or become a trusted outsource solution as situations demand.

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    Professional Service Organizations

    Helping extend your trusted relationships

    Often times estate planners and family legal or accounting professionals are asked by their clients to fill-in some of the bigger questions around death and life-legacy. We can assist with one-on-one situations or, provide broad educational programs for you to co-sponsor on behalf of your clients.

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    Chronically Ill Young Adults (or Parents)

    Proven knowledge and engagement capabilities

    We especially know the mindsets of Millennials, Gen-Z and Xers, and are able to help them better understand, accept, and navigate chronic illness uncertainties and end-of-life ambitions. We can also assist young adults carefully and practically plan for their chronically ill and/or aging parents end of life and legacy desires.

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    Complimentary Consultation


    Sounding Board


    Making Meaning


    Legacy Project


    Vigil Planning


    Memorial Planning


    Reprocessing Session


    Creating Rituals for Remembrance

  • Death Duola's Role

    Death or End of Life (EOL) Doula's are adjunct to traditional hospice and palliative care resources

    In broad terms, Doula's provide help to someone at the end of their life, just as birth doulas help at the beginning of life with the birthing process. EOL doulas are hired by patients or family members when a terminal diagnosis is given or death is nearing. Doula's often assist an individual in creating life meaning and a legacy project (small or large) such as story telling, art project, or writing letters to leave behind for loved ones.


    A doula assist the dying person and caregivers navigate the emotional, spiritual and physical changes.


    When people are nearing the end of their lives, a doula will visit and often sit vigil as they are dying. In addition to supporting the patient, doulas can also offer support to family members and caregivers by explaining the signs of death, processing grief, discuss burial and memorial options and create rituals. Doulas can stay with the person and their family through their death and beyond.


    Through the doula process, the dying and loved ones come together to honor the life of the individual, create a beautiful death, grieve, and come to understand death is an important natural role in one's life journey.